Saturday, 6 August 2016

Domestic air conditioning installations in Lucknow

This session we installed a record number of Air Conditioner within residential homes. The hot weather certainly helped but there is more awareness of the products on offer. They are smaller, quieter, stylish and hugely energy efficient. Bedrooms and conservatories are the most popular rooms to have AC installed. Building regulations stipulate high insulation levels to retain heat in winter but in summer the heat within a modern home can be too much. Leaving windows open is not always the answer to cooling due to noise or the risk of intruders.
We have also installed in home cinemas, lounges, kitchens, home gyms, a garden shed and an outside dog kennel (dogs get hot too!).

Call Lucknow Home Appliances if you are looking for Ac installation in Lucknow or Ac repair in Lucknow.

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