Saturday, 6 August 2016

Domestic air conditioning installations in Lucknow

This session we installed a record number of Air Conditioner within residential homes. The hot weather certainly helped but there is more awareness of the products on offer. They are smaller, quieter, stylish and hugely energy efficient. Bedrooms and conservatories are the most popular rooms to have AC installed. Building regulations stipulate high insulation levels to retain heat in winter but in summer the heat within a modern home can be too much. Leaving windows open is not always the answer to cooling due to noise or the risk of intruders.
We have also installed in home cinemas, lounges, kitchens, home gyms, a garden shed and an outside dog kennel (dogs get hot too!).

Call Lucknow Home Appliances if you are looking for Ac installation in Lucknow or Ac repair in Lucknow.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Find Cool weather in Home | Ac Repair and Installation Service in Lucknow

If you purchasing a new Air Conditioner unit? Or, if you are not satisfied with the service quality of your current AC? If you are not sure whether to repair or replace your AC? If you are conscious about high summer electricity bills? And finally If you answering yes to any of the above questions, then we can Help you.
 Call Lucknow Home Appliances today and tell us about your AC repair problems. We provide the doorstep service if you demand with an affordable competitive price that you can afford easily from your pocket.Now we providing information about AC systems to assist you know about various types of AC systems, how to repair your air conditioner, important things to remember the time when you hire service for ac repair in Lucknow, select a new air conditioner, and make sure that your new air conditioner is properly installed.Most of us people purchase and use air conditioners without knowing there functions, components, and operating system, selection, installation and Annual maintenance.An AC system filters, coils, and fins require regular care and maintenance. Regular maintenance makes sure a steady decline in AC System performance.

Lucknow Home Appliances is your trusted source for ac repair in Lucknow. We providing care repair and maintenance services for all major brands. We are highly skilled with our expert employees and rolling over Lucknow for on door service of home appliances repair in Lucknow.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Air Conditioner Services: Care and Repair in Lucknow

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning services in Lucknow :

Air conditioner generally called AC in short is one of most important part of home appliances, also its needs regular maintenance on sessional basis. Basically Air conditioner contains following kind of services when we talks about regular maintenance services.

Air Conditioner Installation services in Lucknow : The render headache when we bring a new device or relocating your residential place . here Lucknow Home Appliances comes at you for installation of your air conditioner with our cheap and quality services. Providing door to door services available 24*7 with online presence web are best rated home appliance service provider in Lucknow .

Air Conditioner repair and services : in case id your machine creating problems and not giving good service as promised before you buy.
Quality home appliances repair service and maintain at your doorstep. It feels awesome to listen but yes you are  in perfect place right now hear going to introduced you with leading brand of home appliances repair in your city who providing services in pan Lucknow and named as Lucknow Home Appliances.

So if some one is Looking for Ac repair in Lucknow they can call us via Whats app or call at +91 9451625216 or visit us via our website.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

AC Repair in Lucknow

Summer session is coming, we have to aware in advance for special care of our electronics appliances that must for the hot session, some machines like Air Conditioner that may be window or split, also Refrigerator come as very important part for both residential and commercial work place and we need to aware about these machine’s repair service and maintenance. Special care of these appliances become advantage for us and play an important role , made our daily life comfort and relaxed.

Here we introducing you with Lucknow Home Appliances who available in your city and providing doorstep services for home appliances repair including all electronics appliances that come in criteria. Current session is running most with Ac repair in Lucknow keyword. They Are also present online and verified by Google. Anyone easily can find us on Map just by searching our brand Name that is Lucknow Home Appliances. We are providing the guaranteed services to our customers and also giving 6 month assurance when customer taken our service. We covering all brands including Samsung , Hitachi, LG, Daikin, Godrej, Tata, WhirlPool, Sansui and all brands that comes under criteria.

LHA is providing the residential and commercial repairing services for Air Conditioner (window and split), refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Deep fridge repair etc. With our well trained employees we are available 24*7 with covering all areas in Lucknow Locality.

Ac Repair in Lucknow by Locality

·         Aashiana
·         Adarsh Nagar
·         Ahmamau
·         Aishbagh
·         Alambagh
·         Alamnagar
·         Aliganj
·         Amar Shaheed Path
·         Amausi
·         Amber Ganj
·         Anand Nagar
·         AP Sen Marg
·         Arjunganj
·         Arya Nagar
·         Ashiyana Colony
·         Ashok Marg
·         Balaganj
·         Banthra
·         Barha
·         Behta Saboli
·         Bhadrukh
·         Bharat Nagar
·         Bijnaur
·         Chand Ganj
·         Charbagh
·         Chaupatiyan
·         Chinhat
·         Civil Lines
·         Dalibagh Colony
·         Daliganj
·         Darulshafa
·         Deva Road
·         Dilkusha Garden
·         DLF Garden City
·         Faizabad Road
·         Ganesh Ganj
·         Gari Chunauti
·         Ghaila
·         Ghazipur
·         Goila
·         Gokhale Marg
·         Gomti Nagar
·         Gudamba Thaana Road
·         Guramba
·         HAL
·         Hazratganj
·         Husainabad
·         Hussainganj
·         IIM Road
·         Indira Nagar
·         Jal Vayu Vihar
·         Jankipuram
·         Jopling Road
·         Jugor
·         Kalyanpur
·         Kamalabad Barhauli
·         Kanpur Road
·         Kuroni
·         Kursi Road
·         Lalbagh
·         Lucknow Cantonment
·         Madion
·         Mahanagar
·         Mahipatmau
·         Malesemau
·         Manak Nagar
·         Manas Nagar
·         Maunda
·         Miranpur Pinvat
·         Mohan Meking Road
·         Narayan Nagar
·         Natkur
·         Naubasta
·         Naveen Galla Mandi
·         Navi Kot Nandana
·         New Ganeshganj
·         New Hyderabad
·         Nijampur Malhor
·         Nilmatha
·         Nirala Nagar
·         Nirala Nagar
·         Nishatganj
·         Paikaramau
·         Pan Dariba Marg
·         Park Road
·         Pawanpuri
·         Piparsand
·         Prag Narain Road
·         Rae Bareli Road
·         Rahim Nagar
·         Rajajipuram
·         Rajendra Nagar
·         Ram Mohan Rai Marg
·         Rasoolpur Sadat
·         Ruchi Khand-II
·         Saadatganj
·         Sadrauna
·         Sapru Marg
·         Sarai Mali Khan
·         Sarojini Nagar
·         Sarosa Bharosa
·         Sarvodaya Nagar
·         Sector-14
·         Sector-18
·         Sector-B
·         Sector-D
·         Shahnajaf Road
·         Sharda Nagar
·         Shyam Vihar Colony
·         Sikrauri
·         Singar Nagar
·         Subhash Marg
·         Sujanpura
·         Sunder Bagh
·         Sushant Golf City
·         Telibagh
·         Thakurganj
·         The Mall Avenue
·         Tilak Marg
·         Triveni Nagar
·         Uattardhona
·         Utrathia
·         vasant kunj
·         Vibhuti Khand
·         Vikas Nagar
·         Vineet Khand
·         VIP Road
·         Vishesh Khand
·         Vivekanand puri
·         Vrindavan Yojana

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